Grad Students

Nishaben (Nisha) M. Patel: M.S. (2015)

Next step: Ph.D (Biological Engineering)., Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (2021) Gandhinagar, Mumbai, India,

Postdoctoral fellow, Protein Acrobatics Lab, University of Minnesota

Kymberleigh Romano: Ph.D., Microbiology (2017) Co-advised with Dr. Federico Rey

Next steps: Post-doc at Cleveland Clinic

Asst. Scientific Director, ProEd Communications

Tippapha (Zizi) Pisithkul: Ph.D., Cellular & Molecular Biology (2018)

Next step: Lecturer (Biotechnology) at Maejo University: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Kelsey Veldkamp: M.S., Microbiology (2018)

Next steps: Research lab tech at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC))

Laboratory Safety Specialist at Northwestern University

Tyler B. Jacobson: Ph.D., Microbiology (2019)

Next step: Post-doc at the DAN Lab

Julia Martien: Ph.D., Microbiology (2021)

Next step: Head Teacher with Scientific Adventures for Girls

Chavin Buaskadi: M.S. Microbiology (2022)

Next step: Dual Ph.D at Scripps and Oxford

Lea Cattaneo: M.S. Microbiology (2022)

Next step: TBD



Mehmet Tatli

Next step: Senior organism engineer at Gingko Bioworks, Inc

Travis Korosh

Next step: Senior Test Engineer at Gingko Bioworks, Inc

Noah Stern

Next step: Senior Scientist at AmebaGone Inc./AgraFilms

Tyler B. Jacobson

Next step: Associate Research Scientist at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)

Melanie Callaghan

Next step: Associate Research Scientist at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD)


Jack Williams

Next step: Ph.D at UW Madison in the Integrated program in biochemistry